Urban Preservation International

Preserving the authenticity of our cities, both on and offline

What we stand for

Seperating the barrier. After the invention of the Network, our peripheral augmented reality layer, humanity rejoiced. More convenience, intuitive controls, and you’re just a blink away, rather than a swipe or a keystroke. However, as great as the Network may seem, there are serious issues echoing through our cities and communities. We, Urban Preservation International, aim to combat the issues 'the Network' creates in society. We want to bring back our cities to their former glory; no more digital pollution. Seperate the barrier between the digital and real world.

What we do

Awareness. Removal. Support. Since the Network is integrated in most parts of life, it almost seems inevitable to use. We strive to make the cities a better place to live for everyone. UPI cleans up neighborhoods with government removal requests, pushes for regulations, and supports those who are hindered by the Network.

  • Network removal requests
  • Investing in communities
  • Spreading awareness
  • Pushing legislation

Since augmented graffiti is easy to place, but hard to remove on the Network, our volunteers submit removal requests to local government daily.

Augmentation Issues

Below we've highlighted some of the many problems we are currently tackling. Most of which deal with augmentation issues.


Those with ADD or other attention disorders can be overstimulated in cities because of unregulated advertisement augmentations. While augmented ad-blockers are in development, the Network and those operating in it should take into account those with disabilities and the general public.

Digital renovation

Instead of fixing the issues, more often than not digital augmentation is used to cover up rough areas or imperfections. This makes the city more attractive for tourists, however does not benifit the locals or those in need.

Dangerous augmentation

Private companies and local governments have been exclusively using the Network to warn people of dangerous situations. Early 2038 a young man in Amsterdam fell to his death in a construction site after his implant malfunctioned. This malfunction led to him not seeing the augmented warning signs. We plead for mandatory in real life warnings.

Overall augmentation in society

Moderated augmentation. Overall we believe that augmentation should be moderated, even for individual augments. We believe in authenticity over make-believe.

Get in touch

Volunteer. we are always looking for more volunteers to help us preserve the authenticity of the city.